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AOL is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications and is one of the prominent web portals across the world, particularly in the United States. Based in New York, AOL commenced its initial operations in 1983 with its product Game line for Atari 2600. It is regarded as one of the foremost innovators in the online world.


In its initial phase, AOL started providing dial-up services, along with web portal, mail services, and an instant messaging platform which was followed by a web browser.


AOL Email users avail lots of facilities of it and at the same time. Sometimes it happens that users of AOL Email face few technical issues, which can’t be resolved by them, then they need to dial toll free AOL Tech Support and Customer Service Number 1855-371-7999 in USA, Canada to resolve their AOL technical issues.

AOL Tech Support Number

AOL Email Tech Support

AOL's customer base grew rapidly over the years leading to a number of challenges and opportunities. With time, the need for a professional tech support system to aid AOL users was recognized in USA and Canada.


We at AOL tech support tender uninterrupted services to our patrons and assure superior service to them. Our staff consists of expert professionals for each and every type of email issue, operating round the clock. AOL Email Tech Support is a one stop shop for all kinds of complaints.


How to communicate with AOL Customer Service via phone?

To correspond with AOL customer service, just make a call at the AOL tech support phone number 1855-371-7999 (Toll Free) for swift redressal of your concerns from AOL email support at any time, as per your convenience. Our team guarantees that all technical issues will be dealt with promptly without any delay. Each time you call us at the AOL customer support number, your call will be taken by one of our team members at the AOL help desk and you can talk about your issues in a detailed manner.


What if you are unable to contact AOL Support Number over the phone?

Our team at AOL helpdesk works 24X7 to sort out your troubles but sometimes due to a high frequency of calls or other technical reasons, you may find it difficult to contact the AOL Customer service number in USA and Canada. Nevertheless, if you are unable to get through to us over the phone and you need our help immediately, you can simply write us an email. The support team will address your complaint on a priority basis without any delay.


Ideal time to call:

We at AOL support make sure that we provide reliable service to all our users. Anytime you encounter an issue and you need us instantly, then you can contact at our AOL contact number. You will get complete resolution to your issues by our well qualified team of experts, which always remain on their toes to serve you. Our AOL tech support and customer service number remains active throughout the day. Therefore, feel free to call us any time.

What are the different kinds of support services available?

We offer round the clock service to our users. You can also visit our help page where you can find a list of issues which a user might face in the process of operation along with step by step solutions. In case you are unable to perform these steps on your own, you can contact our support team through email or AOL phone number 1855-371-7999. The various kinds of support services available are:


Creating your account:

Our team always remains on its toes to serve AOL users. You can even get in touch with us to create your account in case you wish to join the AOL community. Apart from that, you can also visit our help page, where you can get a detailed set of instructions regarding creation of a new account.


Password recovery:

AOL support helps to retrieve the password of your account in case you forget or lose it. You can regain access to your account by entering a verification code sent by AOL to your verified phone number or a backup email account attached with your account. Our staff ensures that this process is quick and simple for you.


Safety threat to your account:

In case you perceive a safety threat to your AOL account or the data therein, then this information must be conveyed to our support team immediately without any delay. A delay in the process might compromise your privacy.


Suspension of account:

In case your AOL email account gets suspended, then this information must be communicated to our team as quickly as possible, so that your account can be recovered or the reason behind the suspension can be brought to your notice. Delay in the procedure of communication on your part may cause difficulty in the retrieval process.


Why choose us?

In the present scenario, the internet has become an inseparable part of our lives and has brought the entire world under one umbrella through various portals and platforms. Therefore, our team at AOL Support works round the clock to ensure a smooth experience to for users. We always try to increase awareness among users regarding various aspects of safety as we firmly believe in the privacy and safety of data.


In case of any issue, get in touch with us without any delay for a quick resolution of your problems. You can get in touch with us by making a call at our AOL customer service phone number 1855-371-7999 (Toll Free) or you can get assistance through AOL mail help by dropping an e-mail to our AOL help desk.