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Microsoft Outlook is the new version of email boxes that have been launched to meet the requirements of the customer who are looking to perform their task with the email, chatting and it is also meeting the requirements of the to fulfill their several other tasks with the help of Outlook.


Outlook known for its best in class mailing features. But sometimes it's users can suffer from a wide range of tech issues which can occur suddenly. In such times, the only option left for the users to dial toll free Outlook tech support and customer service phone number 1855-371-7999 in USA, Canada.


As we know, Microsoft Outlook known for its best in class mailing features. But sometimes It's users can suffer from a wide range of tech issues, which can occur suddenly. In such times, the only option left for the users to dial toll free Outlook Technical Support Number 1855-371-7999.

Outlook Tech Support Number

Why Do We Prefer Microsoft Outlook?

As far as we know about it that it has been given lots of preference who can read the emails of their team members after the exchange of the Server. All of these emails could be read by their team members or leaders, who are willing to use the other member’s outlook.


Even it is mostly being used in many industries to share the tasks, meeting points, conferences aim and reminders that will be used to provide one of the bases to attain the criteria of the running projects in the company.


Latest Version of Outlook

The industries prefer mostly the version for email and exchange of different types of tasks through Microsoft Outlook 2010. Nowadays, the Microsoft industry has developed the Outlook 2018 as one of the latest versions. It is also used as a personal information manager for the clients, who are working with it. Therefore, it has become the latest Messenger and Email Management Department in the industries.


Here it has been given the Outlook Customer Service Phone Number and it is only for the customers to solve their issues as soon as possible of Microsoft Outlook.


Some of the Previous and Latest Features of Microsoft Outlook.

Version Name Date of Release Features
Outlook 97 16/01/1997 Have Been used with Windows 97 with a Exchange Server 5.5
Outlook 2002 31/05/2001 Have been used with Windows XP
Outlook 2010 15/07/2010 It is included with Office 2010 and have been used for Personal and Professional ways
Outlook 2016 22/09/2016 Have been used with Office 365

Microsoft Outlook Android Apps in Google Play

As we are confirming that Microsoft Outlook Apps can be downloaded on Google Play on Android Cell phones and it has been having the types of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel as is has been searched according to the requirements of users. We have been providing MS Outlook Customer Support in USA and Canada to engage with the customers about the queries in using the Outlook Version and different other features.

For More information, Microsoft Outlook Support Number should be dialed by the Customers i.e. 1855-371-7999 (Toll Free).


Outlook Customer Service Centres in USA and Canada

The service centres that have been used to solve technical issues related to Microsft Outlook have been opened all around the world, but we are providing different types of facilities that will not only solve the queries but also assist the customers in solving other related issues in the operation of Microsoft Outlook. Our Outlook Tech Support Number is 1855-371-7999.


The Better Way to Communicate with Outlook Support Phone Number

Our Outlook Customer Support Number that satisfies all the issues related to the Outlook for the customers who are looking to call or calling on it. As these call should be handled by our Customer Service representative and if it is something related as one of the critical issues for it, then it has been undertaken by the Senior Customer Care Representative. So that our customer will not feel so worry about these issues.


Schedule of Customer Care Service Office

Our Customer Care representative will be available at any time within 24 hours to support our customers on Microsoft Outlook Customer Care Phone Number. To solve the queries, it is the duty of the customer to speak in a clear voice, so that all the problems related to it can be solved.

As far as it is concerned that Issues that will not be clearly defined through phone numbers by customers, then it can be addressed to our representative via email of Outlook Help and within 24 hours your queries can be solved with our reply mails to our customers.


How do we try to tackle the Customer Problems?

The Customer issues that are mostly solved with the Customers representative are generally related to the connection of users with each others. Sometimes, Customers did not able to communicate with the contacts that have been mailed with messages etc.


Therefore, many issues are solved with different moments by different customers representative handling the single Customers at a time and we prefer to solve every issues related to Outlook one by one of our customers.


Our Outlook Email Support Number is 1855-371-7999 (Toll Free) and we are available for our customers for 24 hours.